We interview Mike Leonard, president of Over the Edge Productions

What can you tell us about the experience, the guys (DT), the trip?
Over the Edge Productions has always had a fantastic experience filming with Dream Theater. For this project, we started in Colombia to film some of the bonus features / documentary segments that will be on the DVD. Then we went straight to Buenos Aires to prepare for the two-night, live show. Everyone in the band and their crew were a pleasure to work with and hang out with… I expected a lot more bumps in the road, but everything came together very smoothly.

What about the equipment/technology for filming?
For the live concert, we brought in a Pulsar TV. They are a local video truck in Buenos Aires and they were fantastic. We also brought in 2 local Jib operators and the rest of the crew was flown in from New York. There were 6 cameras with operators (including 2 jibs, 2 peds and 2 handheld) filming with Sony HSC-300s. The rest were a combination of POV cameras and Mativision’s own specialty cameras that film 360 degrees.

What special features can we expect for the bluray/dvd?
The Bluray and DVD will include up to a half hour of documentary bonus segments plus bonus songs and other goodies that are to be announced.

What about the length of the bluray/dvd?
The main concert is just under 3 hours.

What do you do with your spare time in Buenos Aires? Any anecdotes?
The Over the Edge Production’s crew spent a few extra days in Buenos Aires seeing the sights, drinking the wine and eating some delicious food. Buenos Aires was an amazing city and we enjoyed our time off thoroughly!

We want to thank Mike for answer our questions, for more info go:
Web: www.otenyc.com
Facebook: (Facebook.com/overtheedgeproductions)